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Fandom News & World Report- 5/17

Book reviews and still more book, Tv and film reviews. Oh and did I mention the reviews? Yes, and my to-be-read list has just gotten longer...

We have News & Updates with lots of interesting bytes. Evolution is happening right in front of our noses - or check out the article from the Seattle papers about how threespine sticklebacks are deevolving into their armoured ancestors! Rosemary Jones has news about the Last Starfighter: The Musical and Dark Horse Comics has a chat with Peter Jackson. And there's a heck of a lot more...

melissa_writing has links to a video done by Harper plus some guest blogging and other neat stuff...

kijjohnson has some thoughts about Galileo's Commandment: An Anthology of Great Science Writing - her opinion is well-written and stirred my curiosity enough that I'm considering reserving the book through my local library. Plus she has an interesting poll!

coffeeem has links to Terru Windling's new website. I already was a fan of the old Endicott Studio website and the new one is faaabulous!

Sounds like the steamcon meeting went well. (Yay!) Apparently they are in the midst of hotel negotiations and the outlook is looking good! Looks like the convention dates will be October 23-25, 2009 so mark your calendars!

And hey - Cory Doctorow's Little Brother made the NYT Bestseller list - #9 of the childrens' list! Whoo-hoo!!

Spotted over at the SF site were these reviews:
Looks like the TV series Supernatural now has a Companion guide and other goodies.
H.P. Lovecraft in Britain: A Monograph chronicles every British appearance of the master's work. reprints of rare covers, load of illustrations and scholarly commentary - this appears to be a must for the serious Mythos-phile.
And here is a review of an Italian sci-fi series that has finally been translated into English.
Movie and TV reviews by rick Norwood.
An interesting review opf Fairyland by Paul McAuley; the reviewer maintains that this book hasn't lost its ability to dazzle though it is a near-future scenario with plausible extrapolations of current tech - something that is difficult to do and have it remain fresh. Interesting review' I can feel my "to-read" lost getting longer...
Have no time to read? Check out this listing of the best sci-fi audiobooks.
Reviews of the Year's Best anthology, Games of the Fantastic, and Aurealis.
Plus new releases...

Apex announced that they bought first-rights to a 35K novella from horror writer Sara M. Harvey which is slated for release in early '09.

Over at the Wire were reviews and other newsbytes....
Alt-history author Robert Conroy talks about 1945 which is based on a real historical coup that almost happened toward the end of WWII.
Looks like #3 of the Butterfly Effect film series will begin production in Vancouver, BC starting Sept. 1st.
Seems as though the Wire has been inundated with misdirected emails begging the Sci Fi Channel to pick up Moonlight.
Anna Popplewell comments about the role she played as Susan Pevensie in Prince Caspian.
George Clooney to star in Men Who Stare At Goats - a movie about the US Army's First Earth Battalion - a unit that was to use paranormal powers. This is an adpatation of British journalist Jon Ronson's book and with a title like that...well my reading to-do list just got added to. *sigh*
Looks like Stargate Atlantis will have new sets and ship designs.
Fox unveils a new SF strategy - "Remote-Free TV."
J.J. Abrams comments about working with Leonard Nimoy on the new Star Trek "reboot" film. He also had some thoughts about a Cloverfield sequel.