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Fandom News & World Report - 1/25

The first tweet from space! One of NWSFS' bloggers was interviewed by Seattle Geekly!
Plus interviews, free fiction and a ton of other goodies under the cuts...

At the February Sauce-Off, NWSFS will be distributing copies of the 2010 P.K. Dick Award nominees - read it and then review it for the rest of us at the salon discussion at the March NWSFS Social! For more info about the winners, check out the NWSFS home page (link at right) and the Norwescon home page (link also at right).

Also, our friends at seattlegeekly interviewed NWSFS' own blogger, Issac Alexander! Visit the Seattle Geekly home page (link at right for the latest podcast) or our sister blog on Blogspot. Congrats Issac!

 thewrittenwyrd has a Truly Distrubing Thought of the Day as well as a thoughtful muse about not getting locked into a form or genre.

anghara writes about homesickness, nostalgia, and Doctor Who. Thanks for encapsulating your thoughts as I have had very similar ones about that same episode...

While steamcon has announced their Artist GoH: Jake Von Slatt! And be sure to check out the link his work on Flickr!

Looks like Jo Walton's latest, Among Others, will be dealyed until next year. More details can be found over at papersky!

catvalente was the GoH at ConFusion and has graciously posted the text of her speech. You GoH Grrrl!

Love tea! Love lisamantchev? Then check out the tea party and ARC giveaway! (And tx for a luverly chortle!)

Great news over at Apex: one of the stories published by them has been nominated for a 2010 BSFA Award! Other news bits....

*Confessions of a book junkie: Collecting Steampunk (Good recommendations here.)
*Apex also supports the World SF News Blog...and it's a hurting unit.
*Some thoughts about "shock value" in horror fiction (Or is that preaching from a platform?)
*Apex has also branched out into iPhone apps with a zombie novel!
*Other thoughts about the science in sci-fi.

More interesting newsbits from the SF Signal, including:

*?ofDay: What are the coolest SF space battles? (Though he leaves of ST: Wrath of Khan, he includes some other cool stuff.)
*The first tweet from space!
*papersky talkes about Neglected Books.
*Future shock vs. Thought experiments.
*Looks like Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book will not be made into a film.
*Lots of free fiction including goodies to benefit Haiti, plus stuff from folks like Greg egan, Poul Anderson, Algernon Blackwood, Harry Harrison and dear old Lovecraft (among others).
*Speaking of Haiti...donate $20 for relief and receive a megapack of games and downloads.
The winners of the 2009 Aurealis Awards!
*A trailer for Kenya's first SF film: Pumzi!
*The New Yorker profiles Neil Gaiman.
*The Robocop rap.

And be sure to check out their site as this is a personal selection of all the great fiction, articles and whatnot they dig up. Sooooo cool.

Some good interviews and articles over at the World SF News Blog:

*Fabio Fernandes on working in two languages.
*Sherry Yao discusses the 30th anniversary of China's premier SF magazine!
*And a interesting and in-depth interview with the Chinese author, Wu Tan. [Read this one. On the on hand his experience as a SF author and reader might be considered universal (SF helped him overcome the difficulties of school life); on the other, his experiences that shaped him are very different. And he often compares east and west which is fascinating - read his take on famdom here and in China.)

While over at Tor.com:

*A pocast interview with Marjorie M. Liu (Writer of Dark Wolverine and NYX for Marvel just in case you don't know her plus a lot more.)
*Some thoughts on gateway drugs...aka a books good for introducing non-SF readers to SF. Agree with the selections? Disagree?
*More geek relief for Haiti.

End transmission.