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Fandom News & World Report - 2/5

Connie Willis is in town on Sunday to give a reading from her new novel. A local author will be featured in the new issue of Jim Baen's Universe! Plus, lots of free fiction, editorials and controversy! Just look below...

Spotted in today's Seattle Times, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Connie Willis willbe reading from her latest novel, Blackout, this Sunday at 1:00 p.m. at the University Bookstore downtown.

Judging by the review in the paper, her latest takes place in the same unverse as Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog. Like the latter, this one involves time travel and much of the action takes place in England during WW II and it looks as if a sequel, All Clear, is due out this fall. Yum!

A big shout-out to my friend (and local fan) Sandra Odell whose short story, 'The Vessel Never Asks For More Wine,' will appear in the next issue of Jim Baen's Universe. Squueeeee! I was privileged to read this prior to publication and I highly recommend it.

Close Encounters of the Urban Kind (edited by jennifer_brozek) is now available for pre-order (And check out the cover pic!) And a big shout-out to her as the Grants Pass anthology made it to the prelim Stoker ballot! Plus, she's looking for recommendations of new webcomics to add to her list!

anghara was recently interviewed and you can visit her to read all about it (and get the link).

For your daily chuckle, please visit patgund's blog and check out RealLife. Star Trek and the SCA in the same comic. *lol* I also like the Death Star pic...

thewrittenwyrd has posted his entry for the annual Bulwer-Lytton Bad Fiction Contest. Priceless (and your second daily chuckle)!

Apex Magazine is conducting a readers' poll about your preferences in release dates. Learn more (and vote) here. Also up at Apex:

*Short fiction from Colin Harvey, J.M. McDermott, and Tobias A. Bengelsdorf.
*Plus, the February issue is up!
*Slush lessons.
*Following publishing trends vs. starting them.

There are always tons of goodies over at the SF Signal:

*Interviews with Gregory Benford, and Simon R. Green plus a tribute to Kage Baker.
*The prelim Stoker Award ballot.
*jaylake discusses the folly of buying used books as a protest against the publisher.
*Jeff VanderMeer talks about ebooks and entitlement.
*A new bookcover smackdown!
*An editorial exploring the appeal of SF as opposed to other genres.
*Two new Robert Silverberg titles.
*Clive Barker's Nightbreed has made it to screen.
*Reading as a luxury.
*An guest blog post by CJ Cherryh.
*catvalente (or Catherynne Valente) on self-publishing.
*The Aliens rap tribute.

These just in over at Locus Online:

*Terry Pratchett is now arguing for the legalization of assisted suicide in the U.K.
*And the 2009 Recommended Reading List.

There's always something interesting over at The World SF News Blog:

*More about Pumzi, the SF film from Kenya - it really sounds interesting, hope it comes to the States.
*The Sir Julius Vogel Award for New Zealand's best SF (And check out the pic of the trophy. So cool!)
*Expanded Horizons just put out a new issue and you can access several of the stories for free - so check out some SF from around the world. Might I recommend Lavie Tidhar's?

And more good reads over at Tor.com

*A thougthful re-reading of Shrek (Yes, the 3 movies are based on a book by William Steig.) and then read about his fan mail. Hilarious!
*A new story by Harry Turtledove is available on podcast.
*More chatter about connie Willis' Blackout.
*An interesting article about Ruth Plumly Thompson, the second Royal Historian of Oz.
*Star power on Earth - or what's happening at the Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Laboratory.

And spotted on Facebook:

*Have you ever wanted to disappear? Lone Shark Games is looking for you!
*Gorgeous 3D steampunk art.
*A steampunk contest - submit a design to be turned into fabric!
*Buck Rogers vs. the Tiger Men of Mars.