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Fandom News & World Report - 3/7

Interviews, animated shorts, free fiction...oh heck, just go below.

seattlegeekly has a new 'cast up, with shout outs to Gamestorm down in Vanouver, WA, author interviews and a whole lot more. Plus, they'll be at Emerald City Comiccon and they've posted their schedule.

The World SF News Blog has a link to an interview with Lavie Tidhar (Is there Israeli SF - you bet!) conducted by Dark Wolf.

Somewhere in my vast library is a battered copy of The Dot & The Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics. I've never met anyone else who had a copy or knew the reference. Imagine my surprise when visiting Tor.com and finding that this gem of a story is now an animated short. To the vector belongs the spoils... Also found there were the following:

*The rebirth of pulp fiction.
*An article about OuSciFiPo (or a collaboration between jaylake and Ken Scholes.) I am familiar with the collaborative process in several forms (Example: 'The letter game' played by Patricia Wrede and Carol Stevemeyer, for one.) but this was new to me. Very interesting.
*The great comics read-along (The starting series is Warren Ellis Transmetropolitan.)
*Michael Whelan - an appreciation.
*Some thoughts about SF and Margaret Atwood.

While over at Apex:

*For the rest of March, their books are available for $1.00 each.
*Some more thoughts about Austen and zombies...or is it a rant about remakes?
*Submission basics.
*Their March issue is now available on Smashwords and Kindle.

Why anyone was surprised by this, truly, I'm not sure...I feel the same way I felt when watching the Nat'l Geographic documentary covering doll spouses (exactly what the words say): creepily fascinated. G4 has a report about a Korean couple who neglected their real baby to raise a virtual baby. As a parent, I feel sick to my stomach....Don't know where G4 gets these stories. Most of their stuff is about gaming. I'm skimming along...blah, blah, blah, Quake, Bioshock...child abuse?

Want to get the bad taste out of your mouth? Come visit the SF Signal:

*Tons of free fiction - including stories by Brian Lumley, Gregory Benford, Elizabeth Moon, and many others, new and classic!
*A podcast from Connie Willis.
*The Tron reboot and a whole lot more...

anghara interviewed Elizabeth Bear about her latest and greatest, Bone and Jewel Creatures, which sounds most intriguing. Plus, she has a link to an Australian author who essay on landscape is a good read and reminds one of the importance of landscape in literature. I mean, dear Lovecraft would find in her a kindred spirit.

cleothyla reviews seanan_mcguire's latest, A Local Habitation.

American Gothique magazine hosted a fashion show over at The Vogue and djwudi covered it and posted several shots. Visit and enjoy the visual feast!

End transmission.