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Fandom News & World Report - 3/17

Erin go bragh! I may not be wearing green but I have a link to pics and info about the new Green Lantern flick which ought to count in the blogosphere. Sales, author interviews, news and goodies galore below!

Lots of new and interesting articles and such over at Apex Publishing:

*Many of you who follow this blog probably know that I'm not too keen on literary pirates and plagiarizers (And that's an understatement.) - but (Why am I not surprised?) this problem also extends to artists. Distinctly uncool, and this is why.

*And hey, here's a handy-dandy checklist for writers (and readers!) about awards season and the goodies therein. Ever wonder why we see so much free stories, exerpts and other yummy literary goodness right about now?

*I have friends who live on Facebook and other friends who shun it. Me, I'm somewhere in the middle. Here's an interesting post about the pros and cons of social networking.

*And don't miss Apex's birthday sale! Yep, they turn FIVE on the 23rd.

*I do hope all of you out there realize that these are only some of the choice bits Apex (and by extension, other sites) have up. Don't have the tensile strength to write them all up so I post the ones that really catch my interest. Hope you occasionally visit the sites themselves and see what else is there as the literaverse is vast and endless, if I may misquote Ghost In The Shell.

Consider this my blogging o'the green: check out the Green Lantern set pics and casting updates over at G4.

While over at the SF Signal:

*Interviews with Neil Gaiman, Todd Lockwood, Kim Stanley Robinson and others.
*You may have loathed him as Gaius Baltar on Caprica - we see how he fits in Eureka on SyFy.
*papersky on why reviewers don't often say "this sucks."
*The history of black superheroes.
*Repo! The Genetic Opera vs. Repo Men.
*The People vs. George Lucas.
*Stephen King's new horror comic: American Vampire.
*SFWA on "how to kill your imaginary friends" and more.
*Michael Stackpole discusses the effect of ebooks on people's reading habits.
*Lego sci-fi figures. 'Nuff said.

Locus has news of the Tiptree Award winners and the SFWA Service Award winners!

While we have info about Tamil pulp fiction, Jeff VanderMeer's overview of int'l SF/F in 2009, plus some thoughts about int'l bestsellers that never make it to America may be found over at The World SF News Blog.

And, these gems can be found over at Tor:

*How (and why) SF might be disguised as fantasy...or was that the other way around?
*Can you do that in a fantasy novel?

catvalente is a Whovian! Squuueee! Looks like she (And other ladies who dig Time Lords.) will be on Hour of the Wolf this weekend plus she's contributed to a book of essay about same! And she has info about several other projects she's working on and other cool things. Visit to find out more!

And just in case you have forgotten your St. Patrick's Day myths, wolflahti has graciously made a list for us all.

tatterdamelion and lisamantchev have posted their norwescon schedules for interested folks (And if I spot this on other interesting author blogs, I will put up a link.)

Is publishing dead? Visit anghara and decide for yourself.

Calling all virtually crafty people! seanan_mcguire is having an icon contest!

dancinghorse has a story in an upcoming anthology, Dragon Lords and Warrior Women, released by Book View cafe. Her work will be alongside stories by writers like Katharine kerr, Sherwood Smith, Vonda McIntyre and many others!

jennifer_brozek also has a new collection, In A Gilded Light coming out in June, courtesy of Dark Quest Books!

There are links to part 1 of  'Stopping Time,' by melissa_writing up on her blog plus some behind-the-scenes info.

jimhines recently conducted a survey of published authors about how they broke into their field as well as confirm/bust myths about making it as a novelist. This is fascinating and the first in a series of posts analyzing the results.

The authorial graciousness continues: cussedness has put up a new chapter in the Curmudgeonzone (meet the anatagonists).

End transmission.


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Mar. 18th, 2010 06:29 am (UTC)
Actually, In a Gilded Light comes out in June 2010 from Dark Quest Books. I just posted the blurb I got for the book as part of the preview.
Mar. 18th, 2010 09:23 pm (UTC)
My bad! I was in a hurry and typing like crazy. Have corrected it in the post.
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