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If you have even an hour to spare...

Once again NWSFS will have a table at Norwescon to promote the club and we need volunteers to help staff the table.
The hours we will have the table open are:
Thursday 12 PM to 6 PM
Friday   10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday   11 AM to 6 PM
If you can spare even an hour to help us tell people about NWSFS that woud be great.
Leave a comment here if you are interested and I will forward it to the coordinator.



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Mar. 31st, 2010 06:26 am (UTC)
Happy to help

I'm not sure what my timing will be, but I'll be happy to pitch in an hour or two as circumstances permit. I'll catch you at the table and see what can be organized.

Bob :-}>
Apr. 6th, 2010 06:53 am (UTC)
Re: Happy to help
thanks, and hope you had a great time at NWC
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