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NWSFS' April Social is this Saturday, 4/24

Saturday – 04/24/2010 – NWSFS’s April Social

Join us at Bill’s house in Shoreline
Message from Bill:
“I have decided to host a NWSFS Social at my place (well, the place I am
renting, to be precise) on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 - yes, that *is*
this weekend.

Okay, so there normally would not be an official NWSFS Social scheduled
for April, due to the fact that Norwescon just happened at the very
beginning of this month, but I have decided to host one this month anyway.
Besides, this has induced me to do some spring cleaning :-)

I have not hosted a NWSFS Social before, but I have been attending them at
other member's residences for many years.  My place is not super large,
and I am not sure exactly how many visitors it can support, so this will
be a kind of trial run - but then, due to late notice, maybe it will not
be too crowded - we shall see.  There is a back yard with a patio, and I
can have a room available for card/board games or whatnot.

The social will begin around 5:00 P.M. and continue until around 10:00 P.M. (or
so). As usual, this is a potluck; talk amongst yourselves as to what to
bring.  Examples include chicken, chips, side salads, snacks, drinks, etc.
Bonus points for cheese and olives :-) “
2128 N 193rd St
Shoreline, WA 98133

From the South: go up I-5; take exit #176 (NE 175th St); turn left (west)
onto 175th; turn right (north) onto Meridian Ave N; turn right (east) onto
N 193rd St

From the North: go down I-5; take exit #177 (NE 205th St / 244th St SW /
Lake Ballinger Way / WA-104 W); follow winding corner around to right;
turn left (south) onto Meridian Ave N (easy to miss); turn left (east)
onto N 193rd St

For more info, consult: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=2128+N+193rd+98133

The house is in a residential area, and so there is only street parking
available.  If people play nice, there is room to park a few cars right in
front.  It is okay to block in the car in my driveway, but please do not
block any of the neighbor's driveways.

Bus access:
The closest bus stop is less than a block away, on Meridian Ave N, between
N 193rd St & N 194th St.  This stop only serves Metro Route 346.  Route
346 (between Northgate & Aurora Village) goes down Meridian Ave N

Note: the Aurora Village Transit Center is less than a mile away, and may
be easier to get to than waiting for the 346, but would be a longer walk -
just sayin'

For more info, browse here: http://metro.kingcounty.gov

ADA accessible:
The house was built in the mid-1950's, so it is not very forgiving.  There
is an uneven paved path to the front door, and two steps to get inside -
that is just how it is, sorry.

I would prefer no smoking (did I mention it is a rental?) but if you must,
there is a patio and a back yard.  Note that many people these days are
allergic to smoke (although I am not one of them)

There will be no dogs or cats dispersing allergy-inducing products present
during the Social



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Apr. 22nd, 2010 02:25 am (UTC)
Alas, I have a convention to go to this weekend.

Otherwise, I would come.
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