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A report from W00tstock

W00t! was the word of the day at w00tstock which Shawn and I attended at the Moore Friday night.There are those who will say that I'm a nerd-by-association as a) I don't work in the tech industry, b) while not a Luddite by any stretch, I don't tweet and my use of technology is moderate, c) I'm not an on line gamer, and d) I don't follow either Lost orBSG...in my defense I will state for the record that I was a sci-fi geek before it was cool to be one (My mother still doesn't understand my devotion to hobbits, the RHPS, Star Wars, manga and a host of other geeky delights.). So yes, I am proud to stand up and be counted among the ranks of nerds and nerdettes.

I don't which was funnier - the live people or their PC's...

W00tstock was a delight. Some of the guests, Adam Savage and Wil Wheaton, to be precise, I was already familiar with (Yes, I was a fan girl; and yes, I had a crush on Crusher.). Some were delightful surprises: LoadingReadyRun did some of the most hilarious sketch comedy I've seen in quite sometime. They did a presentation in tandem with Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse of Xbox live banhammer fame with a parable of Biblical proportions about ill-mannered knaves. And the sketch about mixing Linux with household objects was brilliant. I will never look at eyepatches the same way ever again.

The introduction to the introduction...

The show was an eclectic mix of live talks, slide shows and videos (Adam and Storm's Gregorian chant about fighting nuns on PPV made me cry I laughed so hard.), sketch comedy, live music (everything from folk to hip hop) juggling and puzzles. Oh yes, and the ceiling cat.

During the Parable of Biblical Proportions or Play Nicely Children! Stepto is in the middle, surrounded by several members of LoadingReadyRun.

Some highlights for me included:

  • Wil Wheaton reading from his new book with musical accompaniment from Paul and Storm. He is a gifted writer and reader and his rendition of his RHPS defloration was hilarious. Brought back some wonderful memories of my own (Ah, the place is getting soggy with nostalgia!) Can't wait to buy the book. I expect to howl all the way through it.

Paul and Storm and the cat. Seriously, these guys are hilarious AND they can carry a tune!

  • Adam Savage (Yes, that Adam Savage.) graciously shared some upcoming scenes from a future episode; let's just say – he's insane and I may never visit a water park again. He did ask us not to post any clips from it so you will have to suffer in silence for three whole weeks. And for the record, Jame Hyneman does have a sense of humor. Look for the talk on YouTube and become a True Believer.

He sings, he dances and he makes us laaauugghhh!

  • The fact the we could take pics of everyone all during the show was fabulous! And we were encouraged to do so. Squuueeeeee! And the sea of lit-up peripherals during the tribute to Dr. Robert Baker of chicken nuggets fame was...well it was an amazing sight. The fact that I have always hated chicken nuggets doesn't in any way detract from the solemnity of this important moment.

  • Paul and Storm. I know know that these two are one of the reasons (Or do they count as two reasons?) I will be attending Pax West next year. Between the Pirate Song, the tribute to Mothers' and the other songs I've already mentioned...well, let's just say that my chest ached when I woke up this morning.

  • Two ladies playing one ukulele and singing 'Conjunction Junction.'

  • I didn't need to use earplugs! It was nice to be able to listen to musicians and not white noise. (I mean, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.)

Favorite tee shirt of the evening: 'A rhombus is a rectangle named by a bitch.'  - or words to that effect. I'd've bought one if they'd been for sale; but I was not about to commit assault to get my hands on it. Sigh.

Runner up: Wil Wheaton's recursive teeshirt. He came out and put his hands on his hips. Then you noticed that the tee had a picture of him on it. With his hands on his hips.Wearing a tee shirt...

That being said, I did appreciate the eight-bit portrait tee that my husband is now wearing. W00t!

In fact, it's hard to say bad stuff about Friday night. When I seemingly recognized half the audience, it was similar to being at a sci-fi con – the same sense of being warmly and snugly cocooned in an alternate dimension. Sure didn't want to leave. The only two complaints I can really make are as follows: The mike the lead rapper of nerdcore band MC Frontalot used could have been turned up a bit because he was hard to hear over the rest of the band. And the autograph line afterward wasn't clearly delineated  which made getting out a bit harder. But those were my only complaints, and they were minor and did not lessen my enjoyment whatsoever. I want w00tstock 3.0 and I want it now.

Oh, and here are links to the other fabulous folks at w00tstock:
More about Adam Savage can be found at the Mythbusters site.
Jason Finn (The drummer for Presidents of the United States of America, cretin!) can be found here.
James Ernest and Mike Selinker of Lone Shark Games. (Juggling and puzzles, always a good combo!)
Hank Green's over here (With songs about quarks and the mating habits of angler fish, how can you go wrong?)
The amazing Molly Lewis and her ukulele can be found over here.

That recursive tee shirt...



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May. 11th, 2010 03:11 pm (UTC)
Penny Arcade, why am I not surprised. You sooooooo rock (and tx for sharing)!
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