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Across The Whoniverse ~ A Review

Doctor Who and belly dancing...you wouldn't think the combination would work. But it does. Surprisingly well, in fact. The three of us attended Across The Whoniverse last night at the Renton Civic Theater. The Fuzzy Monkeys put on a great show overall; one that was well-received by the audience. For those of you who have time this evening and are at all interested, go. Go. Go. Now.

The evening began with four of The Fuzzy Monkeys, each dressed as one of the Doctor's incarnations, dancing to Orbital's Doctor? This was a good beginning to the evening as the music, costumes, and dancing set the tone for the evening. Being a costumer, I was paying close attention to that aspect of the evening. Doctor Four and Five's coats appeared to be modeled after ghawazee coats. smarier thought the underarm slits and sleeves were a little distracting. The one drawback I saw to these costumes was that they made it difficult to see the dancers' undulations. A friend told me later that the dancers were exaggerating their movements to make certain they telegraphed well on stage. Still, all that covering, while necessary to create character, did distract from the dancing somewhat. I thought that the best Who-specific costumes were the Daleks and Leela.

The Dalek Invasion of Renton was Shawn's and The Kidlet's favorite routine. The costumes were fabulous; and I have to say, if Daleks looked like this when trying to conquer the universe – they would have had considerably less trouble. Still, belly dancing Daleks. [I did get a chance to examine one of the Dalek costumes up close and it was proof that fabulous can be done on a budget. Hats off to the designer!]

The sequence of Doctor “portraits” through dance was one of the best parts of the show, IMHO. One really nice touch was that each piece of music used was from the time frame when that particular Doctor's episodes aired – great continuity that tied in with the costumes. Another one of my favorites was the Dance of the Ood, complete with the hand held silicone globe lights! I also loved the The Doctor's Daughter Dances. The premise was that as she was a soldier, she'd never had time to dance and what would have happened if...belly dancing meets hip hop. And the costumes were a hoot! Nor did I think one could belly dance to Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. But I saw it last night. Great dancing, great costumes, and a lot of hilarity. And during Leela's number, a traditional drummer came our and drummed for Alexandra to dance to. I don't know if that was choreographed ahead of time or completely impromptu - but anyway you look at it, it was spectacular.

I am no expert on belly dancing; but I do know there are many distinct styles and it was nice to see several of them represented as I felt it made the show well-rounded (No pun intended!) That being said, I felt there were several numbers, The Scarlet Element, Zombievision, and the Ginger Gypsy come to mind, that had only the most tenuous connections to Who – but the dancing was so lovely, you really didn't care!  I also disappointed that the Doctor/narrator read from a script for most of the evening. But, he read well and Whoever wrote his lines knew their Who. Overall, this was a really solid production! Our family thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Below is a list of the numbers, dancers and the music they used. I include it because you will never look at some of the tunes the same way again. Ev-ah!

Act I

The Four Doctors ~ The Fuzzy Monkeys (Doctor? by Orbital)
alek Invasion of Renton ~ Rakshanda (Derwood Green by Hossam Ramsy and Lantern by Beats Antique)
The Master & Lucy ~ Sanafi and Eula (Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders)
The Doctor's Holiday – IndeFusion (Queen & I by Gym Class Heroes and Right Round by Flo Rida)
The Second Doctor ~ Epona (Across the Universe by The Beatles)
The Third Doctor ~ Kasima (Starman by David Bowie)
The Scarlet Element ~ Alimah (Layalina by Yousry Sharif & Raqia Hassan and Magic Fingers by Amir Sofi)Dance of the Ood (The Fuzzy Monkeys (Yodelf)

Act II

Zombievision ~ BellyVision (St. James Infirmary Blues by the White Stripes and Uprising by Muse)
Planet Heaven and Hell ~ Raks Ghazala (Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, Highway to Hell by AC/DC, and Hell by the Squirrel Nut Zippers
The Fourth Doctor ~ Sanafi (Jive Talkin' by the BeeGees)
The Fifth Doctor ~ Eula (Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears)
Some Angels Simply Yearn ~ Leyla (Yearning by Paul Ferrando)
The Doctor's Daughter Dances ~ L&M Express (4 minutes by Justin Timberlake & Madonna and Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf)
Ginger Gypsy of Time and Space ~ Indigo (Ghawazee and Flamenco Fusion)
Full Circle Disco ~ The Fuzzy Monkeys

Sadly, our new camera did not take good photos at all last night. *sigh* When my friend posts her photos, I will put up a link so you all can see what you missed.

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