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Saturday - 2/18/2012, NWSFS Social at the Brathouse in Kirkland

February is here and that must mean it’s time for the Pseudo Summer Solstice Spaghetti Sauce Off.

Please join your fellow NWSFS members at our February Social on Saturday, February 18, 2012, at the Brathouse at 9431 126th Ave NE in Kirkland. The social will begin at 6 PM and end at 10 PM.

The Pseudo Summer Solstice Spaghetti Sauce Off is an annual traditional NWSFS event. NWSFS provides spaghetti, salad, and soft drinks. Contestants bring various spaghetti sauces for you to sample and then you vote for your favorite. The contributors of the most popular sauces get small prizes. If you plan to bring a sauce, please bring at least two quarts of sauce, and make some note of ingredients for those of us with food allergies or other restrictions.

If you can, please bring a crock pot to keep your sauce warm, and a ladle. If you cannot bring a crock pot, please call ahead to make arrangements for use of a burner or other equipment in the kitchen. This is still something of a potluck. Please bring a contribution of munchies, side dish, or desert. To support the contest, there is a small fee for the Sauce - Off. The fee is $3 for NWSFS members and $5 for non members. As always, NWSFS members are encouraged to attend, and non-members in the community are welcome. We hope to see you there.

Logistical information:
Smoking areas are outside. The house has cats, which are locked away for the social. The main entrance is up two small steps (ramp available). Parking is on-street, and generally available. The closest bus stop is 1/3 mile away (2 blocks west, 1 block north), at the corner of 124th Ave. NE and NE 97th, and serves the #230 bus (transfer from Seattle at the Bellevue Transit Center). The last bus is at approximately 10:30 P.M.

Take the 85th St. Exit off of I-405 (Kirkland) and travel east on 85th.

Go up the hill. Get into the left lane and after a couple of blocks, turn left onto 126th. It's not marked too well, but the landmark is the Safeway on the right and a Shell station on the left.

Once on 126th, travel down the hill about two blocks. The road ends at a "T" intersection and the house is the last house on your left. It's light green.

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