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The NWSFS “Pirate” Social was great

The NWSFS “Pirate” Social (8/18/12) was great…we had around 30 folks, several in costume.  Lots of food, lots of visiting, some playing with Legos, some viewing of Jesse’s movie projects….fun time was had by all.  Though I took Friday off, I still ran out of set up time….I had at least another dozen or so pirate decorates I could have put up…

The best pirate food was a huge brownie with a treasure map on it…actually; there were two, one with the correct map and one with a fake map.  By the time the evening ending, both maps were eaten, so we’ll not be finding that treasure.  The winning pirate cook was Steven Greenfield.  

Best pirate costume was very difficult to pick, mainly because the judges weren’t bribed enough (grin), then they all didn’t know the all the words to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean song…but we able to narrow it down to all the female pirates, then Robyn Meadows won, it wasn’t via a bribe, but her cutlass did help. 

There were six contestants for the treasure hunt….which was great, as there were six treasures hidden in and around the house.  A typo on one clues sent Robyn looking for a talking fish rather the dead grill in the old shed.  (Gill should have been Grill.)  Not only did the treasure hunters find treasure, they all got to pick another treasure out of the Crate-O-Treasures as they returned to the starting point.  (And I got ride of a few treasures (or Becky says junk).)

Then there was more talking, eating and Jesse’s videos.  It was a great time….and I am so happy I took Monday off to recover.


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