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Please Join Us In Remembering Kitty Canterbury

A gathering of family and friends.

Saturday, October 6, 2012
4:00 to 5:00 PM Gather: followed by dinner, memorial, dessert and fun

Lynnwood Eagles Hall
19223 Hwy 99
Lynnwood, WA

RSVP to:

Kitty Canterbury passed away early morning September 9th ending a short battle with ovarian cancer. She continued to be good natured and gentle and was visited daily by family and dear friends.

Kitty founded the local Star Trek fan group called the Puget Sound Star Trekkers (PSST) and served as the Commodore of the group from the mid 1970s through the early 1980s. She was honored as Fan Guest of Honor at Norwescon 19.

Many local fans consider Kitty the mother of organized northwest fandom.

Email photos from Kitty’s activities with the Puget Sound Star Trekkers, life at the various Starbases, and other fannish activities to Judy at

What we’re providing:
We will serve Kitty’s favorite meal of pork and tater tots followed by chocolate cake.
We will provide coffee, cocoa (a Kitty favorite), tea, Crystal Light lemonade, and ice water. We will also provide plates, napkins, cups, and flatware.

You bring:
Your preferred soft drink and a potluck dishes to share: main dishes, salads, side dishes, and desserts (Kit loved chocolate chip cookies, hint).
• Please include serving utensils needed for your dish.
• Please bring a crock pot or hot place or other appropriate appliance if your food must be kept warm.

Location information:
The hall is on the northbound (east) side of Hwy 99. It is located between Central Welding Supply (south side) and Furniture World (north side). The Business Costco is just north of Furniture World. All are on the east side of Hwy 99.

There is a cash bar at the hall (this is the Eagles Hall). No alcoholic drinks can be brought it by us. You must purchase alcoholic drinks from the hall.

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