Jeanine (jeanineers) wrote in nwsfs,

NWSFS Calendar

Monthly Social Dates
April 27th - Debbie Tatarek & Warren Dunham host The Spring Fling
May 18th - Eric & Yvonne Pawtowski host the NWSFS Officer Nomination Social
June 15th - NWSFS Voting Social at Woodland Park
July 20th - Hosting opportunity
August 17th - Hosting opportunity
September 21st - Sci-Fi Cocktail Party
October 19th - Mad Scientist Social
November 16th - Carla & Marvin host the Holiday Number 11 social
December 21st - Hosting opportunity
January 2014 - Rustycon 31
February 2014 - Pseudo Summer Solstice Spaghetti Sauce Off
March 2014 - PK Dick Award Nominee Social

My Favorite Restaurant Outings
May – Buca Di Beppo
June – Hosting opportunity
July – Hosting opportunity

Special Events
May - Valve Software Tour
TBD – Brightwater Clean Water Treatment Facility Tour
October 19th, 2013 - Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Exchange at Phinney Community Center, 10 AM – 1 PM

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